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How should we set up the VR room?

Wondering how to set up your physical space to teach with VR?

Do you need a dedicated room just for VR? 

No. We have some institutions who have dedicated rooms, or take space from a library or old computer rooms. Others, who are starting off or have smaller student numbers create a space in the classroom. Some have a VR setup in a teaching room and then 2 units in a VR room.

How much physical floor space should we ideally allow for each user when using VR?

Ideally you have at least 3m x 3m [10 feet x 10 feet] (but not necessarily a square!). A larger space will simply feel more natural to students because they will be able to walk around. However, It is also possible to use smaller spaces as we have introduced the ability for a user to teleport around the room in the simulation. 

Do we need separating walls for each user?

Depending on the HMD type you are using you do not need physical barriers between users - you can have multiple users in one larger room. Some models of HMD do require physical barriers such as curtains or walls. If you have a single HMD, using tape on the floor to denote theoretical spaces is often used.